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Tolman Skiffs
Tolman Skiffs

Colin Tolman offers building and restoration of all Tolman Skiff models as taught by the late Renn Tolman and,
fine wood working including the manufacturing and installation of custom cabinets, entry doors, furniture, and mill work.

History of the transition of Renn’s shop to Colin Tolman:

My first experience in Renn’s shop was as a ten-year-old helping out during it’s construction.

Originally from the same town as Renn and sharing over 250 years of family history on the same ground in Nelson N.H., I jumped at every opportunity to come to Alaska to work with him. What started as summer trips as a boy to visit and lend a hand in my Cousin Renn’s boat-building shop, turned into a life long passion.

I pursued carpentry and wood working first in Nelson N.H. and later on many custom and high-end homes in the Rocky Mountain West. Continuing to visit and work with Renn, I began living year-round in Homer, Alaska in 2005.

While working alongside Renn on numerous boat projects and restorations, my fondest experience was in 2013 when he and I built my 20′ Standard Tolman Skiff from start to finish in 288 hours.

Renn Battled cancer from 2009 until his passing in 2015 leaving his shop and Tolman Skiff legacy to me.